Hi everyone,

my name is

Taniesha westbrook

I’m a passionate advocate for women entrepreneurs and creators

A Quick Background

I'm based in

nashville! but

i love to travel. my Fave country is japan

i’m the chief brand officer of

Shop Black Fest & shop black university

My superpowers

10 years of building brands & communities online

Cirrus clouds

Three Fun Facts

i quit my job 5 years ago

After college, I worked as a financial analyst until I decided to take the leap into creative entrepreneurship

i work fulltime with my husband

We both left corporate america at the same time. Yep, you read that right

i’m a secret techie & i also love diy projects

I’m probably somewhere using AI or DIYing something creative with a friend

Cool girls create


free game (blog)


Taniesha Westbrook

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author



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